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Today’s Ipl Match Live

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RCB vs MI IPL 2022 Highlights: Anuj Rawat Fifties RCB to Six-Wicket WinLive Cricket Score RCB vs MI IPL 2022 Latest Updates: Here you can follow the updates of Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Mumbai India Indian Premier League match ball through Maharashtra football commentary Sports Cricket Association, Pune.

Today’s Ipl Match Live

Today's Ipl Match Live

RCB vs MI Live Score IPL 2022 Latest Update: Some great strikes from Anuj Rawat and Virat Kohli saw them chase the 152-point target posted by Mumbai Indians without much fanfare. Mumbai was not in the game when they posted the total below. Later on, some bad tackle from them made things worse as RCB chased the goal more than anything else.

Today Eiffel Match Score Live

Suryakumar Yadav single-handedly hauled Mumbai Indians to 151/6 in 20 overs against Royal Challengers Bangalore. At one point, MI lost six wickets for 79 and 150 seemed an impossible task but Suryakumar fought hard and smashed 68 runs 37

This was the Dewald Braves and the youngster got his first wicket with Virat Kohli. Meanwhile Glenn Maxwell snapped the winning streak as RCB moved into third. They beat Mumbai Indians by six runs.

A bad throw from the fielder and that means some running for RCB. Buller Jaspreet Bumra is not happy. Then most of them came from DK. RCB 144/2 (18)

Run! This is the fear of being anuj rawat match. He ran hard, but was found to be an inch short. RCP 131/2 (17)

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09 Apr 2022 23:03 IST RCB vs MI Live Score IPL 2022 Latest Update: Rawat is set and now smashes six more!

The other maximum of Rawat, it will be six overs so far. Onadkat hits a short ball. RCB need 24 out of 22.

09 Apr 2022 23:01 IST RCB vs MI Live Score IPL 2022 Latest Update: Kohli is moving towards fifty.

Today's Ipl Match Live

Rawat hits another six! Wow, that’s a statement. Of course Pollard drove him in with a dummy ball and the batter had all the time to hit him the most. What a shot. Meanwhile Kohli is in 40th place. RCB 122/1

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09 Apr 2022 22:53 IST RCB vs MI Live Score IPL 2022 Latest Update: Kohli and Rawat look set to make it happen.

This partnership has been over 50 years old, and with each round, Mumbai seems to lose sight of the plan more and more. RCB needs 41 off 30 balls.

09 Apr 2022 22:50 EST RCB vs MI Live Score IPL 2022 Latest Update: RCB looks good as Rawat scores fifty points.

That would be fifty girls for a boy. Stick to his defense and make sure RCB has a good start. Now, his mission is to bring the team home. Meanwhile, Kohli was dropped. This is a chair! RCB 106/1 (14.1)

Today’s Eiffel Match Live

09 Apr 2022 22:43 IST RCB vs MI Live Score IPL 2022 Latest Update: Begging Chance.

This is Virat Kohli, who might be out if he hit the stumps. The Mumbai Indians were going to take him on as they were desperate for such a major breakthrough. RCB 92/1 (13)

Six! Anuj Rawat plays a full putt and gets bounds….Next ball he finds the hole again and gets bounds. Rcb 86/1 (12)

Today's Ipl Match Live

What a shot from a speeding machine. He walks back and sets up the home and hits the pitcher for four, but Thampi returns well. Two spot balls. RCB 75/1 (11.3)

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09 Apr 2022 22:30 ET RCB vs MI Live Score IPL 2022 Latest Update: Looks like Rawat will be staying till the end.

The first ball is from Ashwin and he hits it for four. Next ball, batsman takes one ball… That’s good cricket. It looks like Kohli will play second fiddle to Rawat. Meanwhile, Kohli finds limits. RCB 70/1 (10.4)

09 Apr 2022 22:28 IST RCB vs MI Live Score IPL 2022 Latest Update: Kohli on charge.

Kohli comes down and cuts it for four. What a shot. It is a good example of how you can still get traditional cricket. Rcb 61/1 (10)

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09 Apr 2022 22:24 IST RCB vs MI Live Score IPL 2022 Latest Update: Good By Unadkat.

What is beyond Unadkat. But he couldn’t stop Kohli from leaving with the bat. The Kings are gone and it looks like he’s being hunted. RCB 53/1 (9)

He was battling… 16 off 24 balls as he slowly challenged this to Unadkat… The result: he was caught. King Kohli is coming. RCP 50/1

Today's Ipl Match Live

09 Apr 2022 22:17 IST RCB vs MI Live Score IPL 2022 Latest Update: Rawat attacks Pollard!

1 May: Today’s Eiffel Match

Anuj Rawat runs hard, runs fast and dives into deep waters to save himself. But it fell at the feet of Kieron Pollard. RCP 49/0 (7.4)

RCB eventually let him go. They have been struggling to merge and finally got one with Murugan Ashwin. First ball goes to bounds and all to 14 points RCB 45/0 (7)

Well here it comes, Anuh Rawat had a perfect choice and made the most of it. Ashwin lashes out to the limit, and the pressure builds. RCP 37/0 (6.2)

09 Apr 2022 22:07 IST RCB vs MI Live Score IPL 2022 Latest Update: Progress only gives three.

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The RCB batsmen had a good start, but have now slowed down. Only four runs coming from the last two 12-ball overs. This is a T20 offense. Rcb 30/0 (6)

09 Apr 2022, 22:04 IST RCB vs MI Live Score IPL 2022 Latest Update: Progress from the other end.

Jaspreet Boumera came back from the other end with a stunning three-volley. At one point, the bat was ready. Big ball and RCB are slow and sluggish. RCP 29/0 (5.4)

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Just one of this from Murugan Ashwin. Keep it tight as it stacks the two mixtures in the room. Slow down, but quickly evolved to strike. RCP 27/0 (5)

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Apr 09, 2022 21:23 IST RCB vs MI Live Score IPL 2022 Latest Update: Mumbai Indians 151/6 in 20 overs

Apr 09, 2022 20:29 IST RCB vs MI Live Score IPL 2022 Latest Update: Kieron Pollard has gone for the golden duck!

09 Apr 2022 20:04 IST RCB vs MI Live Score IPL 2022 Latest Update: Harshal Patel knocks out Rohit Sharma!

09 Apr 2022 19:10 IST RCB vs MI Live Score IPL 2022 TOSS Latest Update: Mumbai Indians play XI

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09 Apr 2022 19:07 IST RCB vs MI Live Score IPL 2022 TOSS Latest Update: Royal Challengers Bangalore Playing XI

Apr 09, 2022 19:03 IST RCB vs MI Live Score IPL 2022 TOSS Latest Update: Royal Challengers Bangalore Eliminating Bowl

Royal Challengers Bangalore captain Faf du Plessis scored a wicket in the match against Mumbai Indians. Glenn Maxwell is finally back in the RCB line-up after Chevan Rutherford missed out. When Mumbai Indians made two changes to play only two foreign players in the decider. Timal Mills and Daniel Sams gave way to Jaidev Onadkat and Ramandeep Singh.

Today's Ipl Match Live

After a disappointing start to the season, Mumbai Indians are desperate for victory and will take on Royal Challengers Bangalore in a much-anticipated clash on Saturday. Both teams have huge followings in the country and their rivalry has grown steadily over the past few seasons.

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Relegated RCB have played some good cricket this season and the return of Glenn Maxwell will add plenty of steam to their batting department. Maxwell has done well with RCB in the past and will be looking to emulate that this time too under new captain Faf du Plessis who has also impressed with his leadership qualities.

The 2022 auction forced the Mumbai Indians to part with several of their stars as they struggle to maintain balance this season in their absence. However, they have managed to find some young stars in Tilak Verma and Dewald Previs.

MI lost by four wickets to Delhi Capitals before achieving 23-run and five-wicket wins over Rajasthan Royals and Kolkata Knight Riders respectively.

It is important for Mumbai that their captain Rohit is at his best. He managed 41, 10 and 3 in the first three matches.

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Despite their struggles, a few players have excelled individually. With scores of 81, 54, 14, Ishan Kishan was a revelation at the top for MI, while youngster Tilak Varma (22, 61, 38) made his mark in the middle order.

RCB, captained by South Africa’s Fave du Plessis, beat Punjab Royals by 5 wickets in the opener before recording back-to-back wins over KKR (by 3 wickets) and Rajasthan Royals (4 wickets).

Du Plessis looked fine alongside Dinesh Karthik and Shabazz Ahmed, but the team will have to hope Virat Kohli is back in the running.

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In front of the ball, Sri Lankan winger Wannidu Hasaranga was impressive, while the likes of David Willie and Harshal Patel would do well to restrict MI.

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Bangalore Royal Challengers: Virat Kohli, Glenn Maxwell, Mohamed Siraj, Phav du Plessis (center), Harshal Patel, Anandu Hasaranga, Dinesh Karthik, Josh Hazlewood, Shahbaz Ahmed, Anuj Rawat, Akash.