Matrimonialinvestigator is an emerging private detective agency in Delhi, India which has tremendously performs missing person investigation service to locate the absconder or fraud person. If a person consistently ignore company’s notice, return of invoice of company more than 1 month then it might be possible that the person is disappear or hide himself/herself. There is a possibility that the person is involved in any criminal activities and scam against company. Mostly it is found that the defaulter easily ran out of the company because it becomes tedious to track his/her location. This is possible because he/she might have given wrong address and phone number in company records which makes you difficult to trace location of the defaulter. But you don’t need to worry about as matrimonial Investigator has a special recovery team who has a big network all over India; they know how to dig out the person from possible place. We apply advance technology to locate the defaulter and recover money from him/her. Missing Person Investigation process includes Matrimonialinvestigator.com has given splendid positive results in missing person investigation because we are using latest technology and equipments which can help us to trace the cheater. We know there are so many cheaters and fraud people around us and if we want to trace them we must assimilate modern approach and technology oriented strategy. We are attentive and active to catch these defaulters who have become headache for the company.

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